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The Yard Corner And Sky Iinterval

Project type

Illustration for Poem



"The Yard Corner and Sky Interval ( Vietnamese name Goc san va khoang troi ) is a children poetry book of the famous Vietnamese poet Tran Dang Khoa. The book  comprises about 60 poems, divided into five short volumes: "When Mother Is Away from Home" (Khi me vang nha), "The Moon Shines on My House" ( Trang sang san nha em), "Bringing the Sea to the Coutryside" (Mang bien ve que), "Rice Seed in Our Village" (Hat gao lang ta) and "Yellow Butterfly" ( Con buom vang).

This is our illustration for the new illustrated version of the book, in the volume "Rice Seed in Our Village" published by Huy Hoang bookstore in 2016. 

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