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Hundred Years of Happiness

Project type

Picture Book



Written by Thanhha Lai
Published by HarperCollins in 2022

An’s grandmother Bà sometimes gets trapped in her cloudy memories. An and her grandfather, Ông, come up with a plan to bring her back to a happy moment: they grow gac fruits so they can make xôi gac, Bà’s favorite dish from her wedding in Viet Nam many years ago.

An and Ông work together in the garden, nurturing the gac seeds. They must be patient and wait for the seeds to grow, flower, and turn into fruit. When the xôi gac is finally ready, An is hopeful that her grandmother will remember her wedding wish with Ông: hundred years of happiness.

Striking and vivid illustrations bring this tender story of a loving, intergenerational Vietnamese family to life.

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